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Structural Steel Specialists

AISC Structural Steel Specialists cover 15 key cities across the United States. Structural Steel Specialists spend their time building relationships with project decision makers (architects, owners, engineers, general contractors, steel fabricators, and construction managers) to educate them on the advantages of designing and building in structural steel.

This group of talented professionals give presentations and facilitate conversations with individuals and project teams who are interested in learning more about the use of structural steel.  Such topics include understanding the steel supply chain, current market conditions, sustainability, AESS (architecturally exposed structural steel), BIM (building information modeling), innovations in low floor-to-floor systems for residential applications, and innovations in parking, healthcare, and office structures.

They also spend a large amount of time serving as complimentary expert advisors, working with steel fabricators in the region and teaming up with the to provide conceptual studies that are customized for unique projects to assist decision makers as they explore a steel alternative for their next project.

Erin Conaway | Senior Director of Market Development
Brian Raff | Vice President of Market Development

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